Our philosophy is simple. We teach students not only the tools for success in the way they express art, but also the tools for success in how they express life. We integrate the elements of art: line, color, value, texture, shape, form and space into each course of study. Students discover who they really are; beyond boundaries, beyond limitations and beyond definitions. We provide the highest quality materials and techniques to expand the mind, enhance critical thinking and awaken one’s own perception of life’s possibilities. Regardless of your background, age or skill level, our classes and camps take you to new heights.


Painting Classes Austin

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Austin Creative Art Center focuses on studio art, combining the disciplines of painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media and design concepts to emphasize creativity and skill development. Students gain technical knowledge and expertise in visual arts. The goal is to produce expressive artists of originality that will be willing to explore various ideas, values and beliefs that will contribute to contemporary art and culture. 

We focus on the process of transformation, guiding students to explore various mediums and concepts that teach technical skills to inspire creativity and visual self-expression.

Our curriculum guides students through the fundamentals, elements and principles of fine art, offering lessons to encourage students to examine, evaluate and express their own stories by providing meaningful skill sets that are applicable across all academic disciplines.


Students become apprentices of the masters, old and new, studying art history and contemporary artworks to find inspiration and begin their own creative journeys to uncover unique styles of expression. Students are encouraged to let their imaginations take them on visual expeditions to transform and innovate. 


In the art studio fear and judgment fall away and a new kind of self-esteem emerges. Our environment is a safe place that empowers students and allows their creative abilities to grow. Honoring each other's uniqueness, allows students to ask questions, think for themselves and share what they know. Students are encouraged to collaborate with one another while respecting individuality.


Art classes for all ages: 2 to 99

Adult Classes: Weekdays | Evenings | Sundays
Kid’s Classes: Weekdays | Afternoons | Sundays | Weekly Holiday/Summer Camps

Typically classes are 2 hour sessions, once a week. All supplies included.
(Tuition may vary depending on class type, duration, quantity and materials)


  • Painting: acrylic, gouache, watercolor, oil, ink, collage, murals, airbrush, inda ink…

  • Drawing: chalk pastel, oil pastel, prisma-color pencil, graphite, pen & ink, charcoal, white charcoaL, calligraphy…

  • Sculpture: paper-mache, wire, oil clay, foam core, paper-cut-out, carving…

  • Ceramics: throwing on the wheel…

  • Printmaking: silk screen, block printing…

  • Mixed Media


Enrollment is ongoing. Sign up today!

Register online, send an email to info@austincreativeartcenter.org or call 512-695-6478. You may also visit us in-person.

Email info@austincreativeartcenter.org and CALL/TEXT 512-695-6478 to confirm.



Located in the heart of Austin’s art scene on West 6th Street, at edge of Historic Clarksville Neighborhood, close to family dining spots, local coffee shops, hip neighborhood parks, excellent shopping and more.

1605 West 6th Street, Austin TX, 78703


“When students come into the studio, they receive a gift.
When they leave, they are the gift.” - Zoey Upshaw


Our students are:

  • From all walks of life and ages 2 to 99

  • Innately talented students who wish to produce, exhibit and sell their art. 

  • Willing to practice technical skills for personal gain/enjoyment.

  • Studying art for life.

  • Want to understand art and how it is created.

  • Seeking a balanced life.

  • Have never had the opportunity to express themselves through the visual arts and want to learn.

  • Wish to advance within the academic world, knowing that through the visual arts one learns to awaken creativity, express ideas, develop concepts and exercise critical thinking.

  • Excelling in their work environment or career and need art to guide them to new ideas and solutions.



Portraits by Jordan Geiotszadf

Zoey Upshaw

Founder, Instructor, Passionary

Zoey Upshaw is an artist, art guide and passionary. She can do everything under the sun. She specializes in guiding students of all ages to dig deep, soul search and find their creative-selves. From an early age Zoey knew she would find herself pushing the limits and challenging the status quo. Art has been and will always be her life.


Carlyn Filtsch

Marketing Director, Visionary

At an early age Carlyn discovered her love for visual art. She learned to manipulate the elements of line, color, texture, shape, form, value and space - using many different mediums.

She is motivated by real-world experiences, story-telling, family, friends and nature. Having studied an an array of liberal arts; she is fascinated by communications, literature, history, biology, anthropology, theology, sociology, psychology, history, environmental science, astronomy, socioeconomics, etc. 

Her portfolio consists of high-contrast pieces to illustrate life experiences, her love for light, animals and portraits.

Screenshot 2018-12-13 15.20.51.png

Taylor Filtsch

Production Artist, Studio Manager, Imagineer

Taylor Filtsch is an artist and imagineer living in Austin, Texas. She discovered her talent for art at an early age, learning to channel her emotions and interpretations of real life experiences to express her feelings about life, love, joy, tears, ambition and roller coasters. 

Isn't it nice when everything seems to fall into place, when we believe that no matter what happens there will be a positive outcome, when we can trust our own happiness. Yes, when things seem to roll easy, there is a soft heartedness,  an understanding that includes compassion. It is not that it is always that way, but we discover that our attitude about living and life can touch everything and everyone around us. 

In a world whose wheels spin fast enough to drive you crazy, art can reflect turbulence or, on the other side, find life's beauty and tranquility. Even before human language, artistic representations of life appeared, telling the stories of man, his fears and forces that shaped his thinking. The place of art alongside man is unassailable. It captures the universal spirit of humanness.