ACAC guides students of all ages how to create fine art. We provide imaginative concepts, quality tools and techniques to expand the mind, enhance critical thinking and provide a greater understanding of life’s possibilities.






Students of all ages explore an array of mediums including; acrylic paint, watercolor, clay, pen & ink, charcoal, pastels and more. ACAC purposes to guide students through creative processes in a way that builds self-confidence and enhances their artistic abilities. We believe that when students are encouraged to do and be their best, they exceed expectations and elevate to new heights. The innate desire to imagine, invent, produce and communicate is natural and nurtured through creativity.


Kids Classes

Kids Classes

Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Custom Art Party. Special Event. Birthday. Celebration. Team Building.

Custom Art Party. Special Event. Birthday. Celebration. Team Building.

Art Happens. Create Masterpieces.


Students learn how to paint, draw, sculpt and so much more as they become immersed in projects – producing masterpieces that affirm creative processes, build self-confidence and broaden horizons. Let them choose from painting, drawing or sculpting camps and enroll in half-day or full-day weekly sessions.



Kid Art Exhibition


Austin Creative Art Center is currently exhibiting kid art from Summer Painting, Drawing and Sculpture Camps. This is your opportunity to celebrate, support and encourage the curiosity, creativity and imaginations of young minds with peace and love. 



Every Third WednesdaY
7PM-10PM | $35 | BYOB

Experience an evening of art with good company, enlightening conversation and positive energy. It doesn't matter if you're a beginning artist or expert, we will help you produce a masterpiece.

Give the Gift of Art


You may gift a class for you + a friend, a date night, a drop-in class, holiday/summer camp, a month of classes, whatever your heart desires. 



ACAC’s Custom Art Experiences ignite creativity and empower teammates. As co-workers collaborate on various art projects they are pushed to discover BIG ideas to bring success to your business and bring your team closer together.

  • Is your company aiming to entertain or reward your employees or clients?

  • Are you launching a new product and want to celebrate?

  • Do you want to better establish employee or client partnerships?

  • Do you want to bring your team closer together?


Custom Art Session

Create your own Art Experience. Let’s discuss your purpose, goals, themes, wishes and all that jazz.

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