We focus on the process of transformation, guiding students to explore various mediums and concepts that teach technical skills to inspire creativity and visual self-expression.

Our curriculum guides students through the fundamentals, elements and principles of fine art, offering lessons to encourage students to examine, evaluate and express their own stories by providing meaningful skill sets that are applicable across all academic disciplines. 

Painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and technology are some of the mediums we use to inspire creativity and development.


Students become apprentices of the masters, old and new, studying art history and contemporary artworks to find inspiration and begin their own creative journeys to uncover unique styles of expression. Students are encouraged to let their imaginations take them on visual expeditions to transform and innovate. 


In the art studio fear and judgment fall away and a new kind of self-esteem emerges. Our environment is a safe place that empowers students and allows their creative abilities to grow. Honoring each other's uniqueness, allows students to ask questions, think for themselves and share what they know. Students are encouraged to collaborate with one another while respecting individuality.

Through class instruction and individual attention, ACAC’s curriculum guides students how to paint, draw, sculpt, print and so much more. Students become immersed in projects - producing masterpieces that affirm creative processes, build self-confidence and broaden horizons.
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